Safety Engineering Department of KNURE


Main research achievements for 2021


  1. Radiation risk management when handling radioactive substances and materials/ Mamontov O.V., Malik B.O., Tokareva O.V. / “Questions of atomic science and technology (VANT), №2(132), 2021, с.149-154
  2. Determining the dynamics of carbon monoxide formation during gas welding processes/ V. Berezutskyi,  I. Khondak,  N. Berezutska/ Eastern-European journal of enterprise technologies. 2021. № 5/10(113) 2021. P. 33-40, (Scopus)

Participation in conferences

  1. Modern approaches to occupational safety when working with robots / Stitsenko T.E., M.V. Bobkov/ Modernization science of today’s: experience and trend, International Scientific and Theoretical conference, Section 11, Fire and civil safety, Singapore, Republic of Singapore, 21.02. 2021, p. 119-120
  2. Reducing environmental risks of aquatic technical fluids/ V.V. Berezutskyi, N.L. Berezutska .  4nd International Scientific and Technical Internet Conference “Innovative development of resource-saving technologies and sustainable use of natural resources”. Book of Abstracts. – Petroșani, Romania: 2021, 64-66 p. (UNIVERSITAS Publishing,. – 238 p)
  3. Participation in XIІI International Scientific and Methodological Conference, 145th International Scientific Conference of the European Association of Security Sciences (EAS) “Human Security in Modern Conditions”, December 2-3, 2021, Kharkiv
  4. Section “Safety systems of technological and production processes” in the framework of the 25th International Youth Forum “Radio Electronics and Youth in the XXI Century», 20-22 of April, 2021
  5. The problem of world’s oceans pollution with plastic waste /Berezutskaya N.L. Information technology: science, technology, technology, education, health: abstracts of the XXIX international scientific and practical conference MicroCAD-2021, 18-20 of May, 2021, Kharkov: NTU “KhPI”. – 264 p.
  6. Participation in the International Scientific and Technical Conference “ENVIRONMENTAL AND TECHNOGENIC SAFETY. PROTECTION OF WATER AND AIR POOLS. WASTE DISPOSAL” (student section), April 13-14, 2021, Kharkiv, KhNUBA 

Summary 5 papers of teachers and 44 students’ papers were submitted


МПК А61F9/06 (2006.01) Protective helmet / Berezutsky V.V., Hondak I.I., Safonov V.V. / Patent for utility model №149116. Registered in the State Register of Patents for Utility Models of Ukraine, 20.10.2021

Contests of scientific research of students:

The 3 articles were submitted for participation in the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in 2021/2022 in the field of “Occupational safety”, April 2021, KhNADU